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Dangerrr Doll
16 January 2009 @ 09:48 am

Daytime doodling... Sharpie, Rollerball & pigment marker on copy paper. Cheeeah.

Also, I love my nail lady. I just got the acrylic redone & this color. She is sooo good at it. Hurrah!

Dangerrr Doll
16 January 2009 @ 09:46 am
Kind of pissed my camera is spazzing out... I'll have to get more photos from errybody... But these crazy kids were on hand:

Dan & Dave... plotting, buying art.

The Pee Wee piece = basically awesome.

Dave & Jess... Awww...

Pandar, Me, Jess & Dan's friend

Widdle Jessicapoo, awww

Went to another bar with Amy afterward... Here Josh & I plan sneaky sneaky stuff

Shrinkle? Kind of a big deal

Dangerrr Doll
03 January 2009 @ 10:45 am
If it's true that Travis McCoy is done with Katy Perry's sorry ass... I must devise a plan!


Dangerrr Doll

Some random photos from NM & TX... Just got back into SFO last night. I can breathe again. God Bless sea level. Also, the Department of State got me a Passport for Christmas! IT TOOK ONE WEEK! Last weekend I was at the Burbank main Post Office, this weekend I got a lovely care package with my Birth Certificate and pretty blue book. Also, I'm hungry.

Chopin: French for "hard to play."

This piano is older than you are

Stuff from grandparent's travels

I'm kind of in love with this couch

All festive and shit

My grandparents get down with the get down

Look, more artist shit. I'm sensitive and intellectual.

My grandma (dad's step mom) in her teacher yearz. So pretty.

Bet you didn't know Jesus was born on top of a Gift Shop.

Old Mesilla shops...

Resident poo droppers at La Posta

3... 2... 1...BOMBS AWAY. This place has dope enchiladas. NM enchiladas are a little different than most places. But freakin good.

Gazebo in Old Mesilla

Stoked on my new watch, among other things.

My grandpa kind of plays tennis...


VS - Auntie Elaine... annual ping pong tournament...

... during which I discover I cannot simultaneously drink beer and play. Seriously. Most of it got on my sweater.

Mr. Lujan's bakery. He's my cousin's grandpa. I love this place. Brought home like a million biscochos & pink sugar cookies. 

For your face.

I got more prayer & saint cards next door at the Catholic store. The clerk woman gave me a Guadalupe pendant. Walter said, "Maybe she thought you looked like you needed to be saved..."

You can smell Mexico from here. It's a sneeze away from the airport.

It's a Great Day.

Dangerrr Doll
17 December 2008 @ 09:52 am
My hair has been too short since The Cutting to be very coopertive with anything other than a straightener so... ta-da... this is exciting!

Dangerrr Doll
15 December 2008 @ 08:05 pm

w/ Jeff

I call this one "NO," as in "Not Obvious"

Somethin like that....

Gettin Claretastic


Dangerrr Doll
15 December 2008 @ 11:34 am
I've been MIA from here but ta-da... Yes I'm alive.

So we begin our weekend of Turmoil (aka Get Tanked in '08) with standing in line freezing our butts off at GAMH. Groups of guestlist started moving in finally. Had a good time. Princess Party Time killed it. Minor technical difficulties later on in the evening but whatevs. I felt fine the next day. Princess Party Time was in full on happy hugging everyone mode. So all is well.

The Ziegler

The Flores

The Michi Wichi

Some dudes, killin it.

Hide your booze and lock up the boys - Nat's here

Blue-grrr revisited (SOTY07) w/ Errrka & Nat

Panda granted one photo


perplexed Jesus is perplexed

Getting weird



Spirit fingers

Someone must have left a gerbil in his arse

Steve took his shirt off?


the photos aren't all on redcheese yet I might have to scan mine I hope they go up sooonz.


Woke up in the middle of this. Not quite what I want to smell at 6 in the morning.

Me, I lost it.

Breakfast. This is something Clare's into, I don't know why he was so stoked on it, it was kinda nastly (Jack, amaretto, cran)

Steve gets by with a little help from his friends

International Sign Language for "2 Beers"

Cutie pie Liz

Aw shucks

Jalden! I don't remember much after this. 2day bender underway.

After this bar is when shit started to get real weird. No more pictures of that night either, I'm actually glad/surprised I even had my camera (and all my other shit) by the time everyone got home. We never made it to go eat dinner and every 5mins Steve was tryin to go to a new bar. One minute I was Happy Hugs mode next minute I was Princess Party Brat. So bummed on some shit that happened. I had a minor breakdown/weirdout over some shit. Someone said 2 bars ended up calling the cops on us cus we had ~ 20 people by the end of the night and were being super fucking insane. But Princess Anger Issues made it real clear I have some stuff to process that I haven't dealt with. Hahah that's the only time I get out of hand is if I'm pissed or super bummed on something I haven't dealt with and then it's amplified by 18475387583475834758. I can't claim "Young, Drunk & Stupid" much longer so... I better figure this out.

Cups were not quite designed for staffing

Good thing this dude brought his Lucky Skirt!

Dangerrr Doll
04 December 2008 @ 11:56 am
anonymous haters. with love from so cal, USA.
Dangerrr Doll
... because you pretty much stick to your own site/blog...? Steal flow charts, of course! Thanks Conan

Dangerrr Doll
01 November 2008 @ 10:28 pm

Here's a blurry-ish photo of thee halloween get up. Thanks to amanda for the halp and to shrinkle for the kryolan. w00p w00p!

Better quality coming soon...