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18 March 2009 @ 09:19 pm
Tweet Tweet bitches  
tweet tweet tweet blah blah blah - follow: shescracked

Antonio did a bunch of photos in Chrissie Field the other day... I gotta get movin on the rest of em. Yarg. Will post soon... Yes this means I finished my bike (the one I posted about that I found on eBay last summer) Remember? Looked like:

In case you don't read my actual site/blog - With the help of Bill and dBoy, a pint of aircraft paint remover and lots of parts, a new powdercoat job, etc, here's what that thing looks like now:

And it is SKETCHY AS HELL to steer unless you're going a decent speed. But it's pretty darn fun and yeah, the hottest bike in town breezies.